5 ways to make a special date night dinner

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5 ways to make a special date night dinner

It’s that time of the year again where love makes its importance felt. When in love, we don’t leave a day to show it to our special someone. So, this Valentine’s Day lets spice things up a bit. Instead of the usual gifts for your partner, create a night of pure indulgence and bring alive the fire in your relationship. 

Use these 5 tips and your lover will be absolutely smitten. 

1. Transform your living room 

With the space in your living room and some furniture shifting, you can create the perfect spot to kick-start a night of pure fun. Throw in some cozy blankets and pillows, decorate the roof with fairy lights and keep a bottle of wine with some bite sized starters ready to go. 

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2. Set the mood

Setting the mood is very important. Play some flirty, fun music to get things rolling and start the night on the right note.  


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3. Slip into something sexy

Find the sexiest dress or the hottest shirt in your wardrobe. One that your partner can’t resist and of course one that shows off your assets the best. It surely can earn you some brownie points ;)






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4. Candle light meal

Cook your partner’s favourite dishes however fancy or difficult it may look like. Place some fragrant candles around to have a quiet, one on one dinner.  




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5. Spice it up

And lastly, indulge in some sinful delicacies. Chocolate is an absolute must to spice things up and bring this sexy night to a perfect end.

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