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You’ve planned a big date for your partner & are pumped about it. The dinner goes well and the date is awesome but what next?

Do’s and don’ts after your dinner date



Drop her home

Even if you both stay far apart or you’ve got an early start the next day, make sure to be courteous and drop her home.


Surprise her with a dessert date

While the dinner is already a date, don’t stop after the main course. Take her to her favourite ice cream outlet or brownie house for a sinful indulgence. She’ll definitely be impressed.


Say sweet nothings

After dinner don’t forget to compliment her on what a wonderful time you’ve had with her. She’ll be happy to know you appreciate her.



Don’t be distracted

Make sure to give her your undivided attention. Don’t keep answering calls, texting and checking your phone while on the date with her.


Don’t nag her

Say the date went well and you both had a nice evening. Don’t text her right after you reach home. She might love attention but would hate someone who’s too attached.


Don’t rush with things

You’re maybe super excited to go on another date and can’t wait to meet your partner again. But hold on, let this one date go by before you start talking about the next one with your partner.







Play the Closeup cupid games