7 Minutes in heaven

masthead 7 minutes of heaven


She tweets, “It has happened. I can’t stop thinking about him.” And tags him. A minute later, she deletes it. Miles apart, his phone beeps. He jumps to see what she has written but there isn’t any tweet. On refreshing, the notification is gone too. 

She has just woken up after a long night. She barely got any sleep worrying about whether he’s seen it & what he will think. What if he doesn’t feel the same? She sets off to do her house chores in the most sheepish manner until she gets a call from a friend asking for dinner that night. 

As soon as she gets ready, she gets another call from her friend saying he has sent a car to pick her up. She wonders why but after a tired night, long day and no text from him, she decides to not ask and just enjoy whatever comes her way. 

The car drops her to an open ground and she sees a helicopter in front of her. She looks around in confusion. Suddenly, she feels the blood rush to her head. He steps out. He’s here. Walking towards her, he stops in front of her and smiles. Just then, she sees fireworks. She smiles, he remembered. He knows how much she loves fireworks. 

He takes her hand and walks towards the copter. Letting her in first, he sits right next to her. He looks at her and says, “Yes, I can’t stop thinking about you too.” She blushes. He read it, he actually read it. 

He says, “You probably don’t know this but the times I’ve spent with you have been some of the most memorable in my life. Instead of just telling you, I want to take you back to every moment we spent.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She was both pleased and scared at the same time. 

He directs the helicopter to take him to a certain location. The helicopter suddenly swoops down closer to the street. In fright, she holds on to him and he smiles saying, “Don’t worry! I’ve got you.” 

He points to a café below them “Look! That’s where we met for the first time, when I found out I was absolutely mesmerized by you.” She blushes. She can’t believe he’s actually doing this. She just smiles and stares at him. 

From restaurants to cinemas to the beach, the helicopter kept flying up and down, left and right, taking them back to every moment they spent together. At every spot, he told her what it meant to him and reminisced their time together. 

She says, “I can’t thank you enough for doing this. All this time, I thought it was just me who felt like this. Now I know.” 

He takes her hand in his and says, “You don’t have to thank me. Also, we’re not done!” 

Shocked, she says “What? What’s next?!” How could he possibly outdo what he just did? She thought.

The helicopter goes higher and higher until the view below gets so tiny that they can barely see anything. “Don’t you love the view from here?” She gasps and says “Yes, it’s beautiful.” He says, “Awesome! Coz we’re going to sky dive in about 10 minutes. She sits up, shocked, a bit scared and looks at him to say something but doesn’t.

They both wear their gear, he takes her hand and they both stand at the door of the helicopter. 

He looks at her, gives her a kiss and says “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

They both jump.




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